Property Management Services

First National Real Estate, Kimberley are the market leaders in Property Management Services in Kununurra. We operate the largest rental portfolio in the town and have a dedicated, specially structured, experienced and highly efficient professional Property Management team in place to manage your investment.
Utilising all the resources available to us throughout the First National Network, as well as our many years of experience, we take time and care in dealing with your real estate needs. We regard our staff as partners in the business and select our team as much for their people skills as for their experience and track record. We back this up with setting high standards and implementing quality systems.

A Better Lease for your Peace of Mind
Ours is no ordinary Lease Agreement!  It’s our main point of difference when comparing us to other Agencies.  Private Landlords and other Agencies have access to the Department of Commerce lease, as do we however this lease is deficient in many areas when managing the terms and conditions whereby tenants are required to abide by and be accountable for their actions while residing in the property.
Clear and simple wording in our additional clauses to the Standard Lease Agreement make it clear to the tenant how we plan to administrate their tenancy and clearly explain the responsibilities of the tenant and ramifications if the lease agreement is breached or damage is sustained to the property.  These clauses also cover many tenant responsibilities specifically relating to the climate in Kununurra that are not included in the Standard Lease Agreement for the whole of Western Australia.
Rent Arrears policy

Our office maintains a zero tolerance rent arrears policy. We have found that maintaining this policy has drastically reduced our rent arrears to absolute minimum levels which benefits both landlords and tenants. At the time of signing the lease agreement we conduct a 45 minute minimum tenant induction appointment, explaining the terms and conditions of the lease, including our arrears policy.  We are happy to discuss this with you and ask that if you are comparing agents you ask what their rent arrears policy is.

Achieving Market Rent

One of the biggest benefits of appointing First National Real Estate, Kimberley to manage your property is that we have the largest database of current market rents available in the town, therefore we are the best equipped to ensure you are achieving maximum market rent for your property.


We know that communication is everything, there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a response to an email or a phone call. We have strict procedures in place for the time frames permitted for responding to enquiries by telephone, email, fax or mail.


We understand that we might not be the cheapest Managing Agents in town however, our fees reflect the top quality service we provide. For the difference of the price of a cup of coffee each week, wouldn’t you rather rest easy knowing your investment is in the best possible care?  A professional and experienced, top quality service you may even find hard to find in the most competitive and successful city offices in the country?  Your management fees are also fully tax deductible.
We also offer discounts if you purchase your home through our agency for investment purposes, if you refer business to us, or have multiple properties.

Our systems and procedures are the best available in the industry and streamline the Property Management process beyond expectations. No other agent in town can offer you the systems, procedures, experience and knowledge that First National Real Estate, Kimberley can offer you.

Our reputation is the backbone of our success!