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If an emergency occurs outside of our business hours of 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday – Thursday and 8.00am to 4.00pm Friday, please try and contact your Property Manager on their mobile number.  If you are unsuccessful in reaching your Property Manager, please proceed as follows:


Break in - Damage to Glass

  1. Contact the police and report the break in, record the police report number and give this to your property manager on the next working day. Without obtaining this number the cost of replacing the glass will become a tenant expense.
  2. Report any other damage to your Property Manager
  3. Contact BEN DURRANS - BRD 0439 996 827​ or Kununurra Maintenance Service on 0417 536 402
  4. You may instruct the glazier to forward the account directly to us, however if the glass breakage was the result of an act attributable to yourself or your visitors, the invoice must be paid by yourself.


Hot Water System Stops working

  1. If it is a gas system, check the pilot light is on, check you have not run out of gas, you are responsible for replacing gas yourself
  2. For gas systems you may contact: IBAC Plumbing & Gas on 0419 197 793 or Ord Plumbing & Gas on 0404 765 853 
  3. If the hot water system is electric, you may contact: C & S Jolly Electrics on 0429 115 346 or TST Electrical on 0438 744 772
  4. If it is a Solarhart please contact IBAC Pty Ltd or Ord Plumbing & Gas on the above numbers


Gas Leak

You may contact IBAC Pty Ltd on 0419 197 793 or Ord Plumbing & Gas on 0404 765 853


Electrical Problem that may cause harm to the Tenant

You may contact C & S Jolly Electrics on 0429 115 346 or TST Electrical on 0438 744 772


Burst Water Service


You may contact any of the plumbers listed above, turn off the water immediately at the water meter.


Fallen Power Lines

Contact Horizon Power immediately on 13 23 51.


Lost Keys or Locked inside house


You may contact the local Locksmith Kununurra Lock & Key on 0419 922 488 directly as you will be responsible for paying this account. If this occurs during business hours you may borrow our office set to access the property. Please do not contact your Property Manager outside of business hours if you have locked yourself out of your property.


Severe Storm Damage

Always try and call your Property Manager first, if you cannot contact them, please take the following steps:

  1. If injury to a person, call 000
  2. Call SES on 1300 130 039
  3. If there are burst water pipes, turn off mains, call Plumbers listed above
  4. If there is electrical damage, turn off power at mains and call one of the Electricians listed above
  5. If there is structural damage to the house, flooding or electrical problems, do not stay in the house


The following situations are not classified as emergencies and must wait until the next business day

  1. Blocked toilets (where there is a second unblocked toilet on the premises)
  2. Stove or oven not working
  3. General repairs and maintenance
  4. Blocked pipes, shower, kitchen sink
  5. Hot water system going hot and cold
  6. Trouble with reticulation
  7. Leaking taps
  8. Pest control
  9. Leaking air conditioning
  10. Air conditioning not working


For further information on emergencies, please see the Department of Commerce website: