First National Real Estate, Kimberley are the market leaders in Property Management Services in Kununurra. We operate the largest rental portfolio in the town and have a dedicated, specially structured, experienced and highly efficient professional Property Management team in place to manage your investment.

Utilising all the resources available to us throughout the First National Network, as well as our many years of experience, we take time and care in dealing with your real estate needs. We regard members of our team as partners in the business working to provide the best possible service we can. We back this up with setting high standards, detailed procedures and implementing quality systems and keeping up to date with the latest improvements in IT to constantly improve our standard of service.


A Better Lease for your Peace of Mind 

Ours is no ordinary Lease Agreement!  Whilst we are required to use a Standard Lease Agreement document that is utilised state wide, we have included our own special conditions that have been written into our lease as a result of issues that we have seen arise over the past 20 years.

Clear and simple wording in our additional clauses to the Standard Lease Agreement make it clear to the tenant how we plan to administrate their tenancy and clearly explain the responsibilities of the tenant and ramifications if the lease agreement is breached or damage is sustained to the property.  These clauses also cover many tenant responsibilities specifically relating to the climate in Kununurra that are not included in the Standard Lease Agreement for the whole of Western Australia.

Rent Arrears policy

Our office maintains a zero tolerance rent arrears policy. We have found that maintaining this policy has drastically reduced our rent arrears to absolute minimum levels which benefits both landlords and tenants

Achieving Market Rent

One of the biggest benefits of appointing First National Real Estate, Kimberley to manage your property is that we have the largest database of current market rents available in the town, therefore we are the best equipped to ensure you are achieving maximum market rent for your property.


Our Fees for service reflect the level of service and expertise we provide. We have a number of highly experienced team members who have in excess of 25-30 years of experience in Property Management, who are actively involved in the management of your property whilst also providing training and mentoring to anyone joining our team to commence their real estate career!

We also offer incentives if you purchase your home through our agency for investment purposes, if you refer business to us, or have multiple properties.

Our systems and procedures are the best available in the industry and streamline the Property Management process beyond expectations. No other agent in town can offer you the systems, procedures, experience and knowledge that First National Real Estate, Kimberley can offer you.